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“First of all…I didn’t know Kenny before our build. Met him through a referral and after meeting with MANY other contractors. He wasn’t the lowest bid. The advantage with Clearwater Construction after talking with many homeowners and friends that built with other contractors was…

1) I received a budget sheet every month showing what was spent and how it affected the budget. I could make adjustments in other areas or not.

2) Kenny always made time to discuss any questions I had and made suggestions. Never once did I leave a discussion feeling frustrated like I wasn’t getting what I wanted.

3) Any concerns I had after the build were addressed.

4) In the end, we met our budget.

I trust Kenny and the ideas he had throughout the build. I haven’t met one person out of many that would recommend their builder and didn’t pay WAY over their budget. He is a well respected friend. I would never build with anyone else (oh the nightmares I’ve heard). And 2 years out I love this home and the quality of it.”

Kelly Hoskins